We developp digital project with ambition.

I help company to find the best digital solution

We believe that the human dimensions essential to start any successful project and that this is where splendid emotional relationships between the company and people are born.

Intuition and strategy integrate the research methodology that we also apply to traditional media.

A 360° web agency

With our knowledge and experience, we extend an offer of various forms of collaboration. Our comprehensive offering covers every stage of the project – from design to implementation.

Marketing strategy

Website Design

Growth hacking

Web 3.0

A little quote

"There was Web 1.0 with emails, then there was WEB 2.0 with algorithms knowing you better than your wife and now WEB 3.0 where you can log everywhere anonymously

Antony May

MyMay Founder

We’ve helped companies around the world create meaningful experiences.

Offering a variety of high-end services.


Brainstorm about your needs to find the best ideas


Strategic masterplans and business concept strategy

Social media

We think user first and help you to create the best contents

Graphic Design

Standard of own film production that delivers

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